One Meal

Format: Branding
Country: USA
Year: 2018
Eating meal should be enjoyable and should not be a problem. One meal lets people have easy choices, more time to enjoy their meal and take a rest. You won’t spend much time on deiciding your food and the way to the restaurant; you won’t feel bored about same meals everyday; you won’t worry that if the meal is delicious or not; you will have a wonderful lunch / dinner time if you choose One Meal.

One Meal povides unique menus and delivers meals on time for you everyday.

吃饭应该是愉快的,不应该是一个困扰。One Meal 让人们有了简单轻松的选择,有更多的时间享受用餐和休息。你不会花太多时间来决定食物和通往餐厅的路上; 你不会对每天相同的菜单感到无聊; 你不用担心这顿饭是否美味。如果你选择One Meal,你将拥有愉快的午餐/晚餐时间。One Meal 每天为你提供根据你的口味特殊定制的菜单,为你准时送餐。

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