Format: Exhibition Catalog
Country: USA
Year: 2020
Do you throw your receipts every day? Is it just a piece of paper or garbage? Every receipt has a story.

Receipts are pieces of memory in our life. They might not tell us the whole story but they spark a memory from our past. All of the receipts in this collection are from fragments of my experiences and that of my roommates and friends, Yating Liu, Suchun Dong and Shanshan Lin. Some of them are new and crisp; some are very crumpled; some of them were found in pockets; some in deserted plastic shopping bags. All of these reminders were almost forgotten and left unnoticed, almost alone, maybe forever.

Receipts are fragments of our life, there to help us remember, if we take the time to see them.

你每天都扔掉收据吗? 它只是一张纸还是垃圾? 每个收据都有一个故事。

收据是我们生活中的记忆碎片。它可能不会告诉我们整个故事,但它会勾起我们对过去的回忆。所有的小票都是我和我的室友以及朋友刘亚婷,董苏淳,林珊珊的经历片段。有些收据是崭新的,有些很皱。有些是在口袋里找到的; 有些装在废弃的塑料购物袋里。所有这些收据几乎都被遗忘了,被忽视了,也许是永久性的。