Digital Graphic Lanscape in Taobao

Format: Book & Website
Country: USA
Year: 2020
Taobao is the biggest online shopping platform in China. According to January’s report in 2020, monthly active users of Taobao is 697 million. People can buy almost everything in Taobao, from clothes to food, medicine, furniture, etc. Nevertheless, Taobao’s users are being affected by its aesthetics daily, as they just glance over the amounts of graphics in Taobao. Few of them pay attention to the graphic design in Taobao. They only focus on the commodity they want. However, if you observe Taobao’s graphic design, you will find many repetitions among its design: the bright color, the bold type, certain shapes, and layouts. I don’t think it is good design in some way because it lost the diversity and openness to other possibilities, especially Taobao has a large number of users and represents part of the advertising visual culture on the web in China. People should not just be influenced by it subconsciously and accept it. I believe people should look at it and think about it.

As a graphic designer, I want to design a website and a book to bring people’s attention to the digital graphic landscape in Taobao and think about the visual language of consumerism in China, not only for Taobao’s users but also for someone who does not know about the consumer visual culture on the web in China. 

This project is a pursuit for people’s reflect on Taobao’s graphic design. I am hoping graphic design in Taobao can be more interesting and diverse. Design should not have templates.

淘宝是中国最大的网购平台。根据2020年1月的报告,淘宝月活跃用户为6.97亿。人们可以在淘宝上买到几乎所有的东西,从衣服到食物,药品,家具等等。然而,这些用户受到了淘宝审美的影响,因为他们每天在淘宝上浏览了大量的图像。很少有人关注淘宝的平面设计,用户只关注自己想要的商品。但是,如果你观察淘宝的平面设计,你会发现它的设计有很多重复的元素: 鲜艳的颜色、加粗加大的字体、特定的形状和布局。我不认为这是一个好的设计,因为它失去了多样性和对其他可能的开放性。尤其是淘宝有大量的用户,代表了中国网络广告视觉文化的一部分,人们不应该只是潜意识地受到它的影响并接受它,我认为人们应该关注并思考它。

作为一名平面设计师, 我想设计一个网站和一本书让人们注意到淘宝的数字图形景观并且思考中国消费主义的视觉文化, 不仅是为了淘宝的用户, 也为了那些不了解中国网络消费主义视觉文化的人们。这个作品是为了追求人们对淘宝平面设计的一种反思。我希望淘宝的平面设计可以更有趣和多样化。设计不应该有模板。